Boosting antigen targeted therapy against cancer (ATTAC) for malignant mesothelioma

Robinson, BWS., Creaney, J.

Funding: iCARE Dust Diseases Care (2018)

Synposis: Cancer cells carry many mutations which should be ‘seen’ by the immune system as foreign and attacked by the host anti-cancer T cells. Combining immunogenic chemotherapy with immunotherapies induces spectacular responses in mice with MM, augmenting neo-antigen responses and curing otherwise incurable advanced tumours. But to date, clinical studies in MM are lacking.

In this study, we will study patients with MM, determining for the first time:

  1. the effect of chemotherapy on T cell responses to MM tumour neo-antigens
  2. the induction of new tumour mutations by chemotherapy, mutations which could be fresh targets for immune attack if such an attack could be stimulated e.g. by neo-antigen vaccines.

This work could be the basis for game-changing neo-antigen vaccines therapies for otherwise incurable, chemotherapy-resistant MM. Importantly, this approach could also become applicable to other chemotherapy resistant cancers.

NCARD Research Team:

Bruce Robinson, Alec Redwood, Jenette Creaney, Wen-Shuz Yeow, Georgia Hosking, Ebony Rouse, Peter Chiang, Jamie Linthorne

Students: Jessica Boulter, Linda Ye