About NCARD Clinical Trials

The National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD) is a leading institution for the diagnosis, treatment, and research of asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma. We offer comprehensive multidisciplinary care and bring together a team of specialists, including oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists, who work collaboratively to provide the best possible care for mesothelioma patients.

Our centre is located at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on the QEII health campus, where we conduct a number of clinical trials. Our research planning, conduct and translation is conducted in partnership with consumers.

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are medical research studies that aim to find a better way to manage a particular disease. The purpose of a clinical trial is to evaluate new approaches to learn how people respond to them and what side effects might occur as a result. Clinical trials are considered to be part of best practice medicine and are one of many options for treatment of a disease or illness.

NCARD collaborates with other researchers to perform human clinical trials of immunotherapies, most commonly in thoracic malignancies (mesothelioma and lung cancer). These trials generally run in collaboration with the Department of Medical Oncology and the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Often, these trials will be run as part of national and international teams. Some trials are also run through Linear Clinical Trials.

Participating in a clinical trial may give you access to new, innovative treatments or may help us understand who will benefit most from those treatments.

People who participate in a clinical trial are often the first to access and benefit from new and emerging treatments. Our Clinical Trials’ team is made up of specialists, doctors, registered nurses and health science professionals.

To find out if a trial is suitable for you, please discuss with your treating medical team first.

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