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Asbestos Review Program

Exposed to asbestos? Protect your health with our Asbestos Review Program (ARP).

What is the Asbestos Review Program?

The Asbestos Review Program (ARP) offers specialised monitoring and care for those who have had significant exposure to asbestos. Established in 1990, our clinic leverages decades of expertise in diagnosing and managing asbestos-related lung diseases.

Exposure to asbestos increases your risk of developing lung cancer and mesothelioma — a cancer of the lung lining. The most effective steps to mitigate these risks include ceasing smoking and avoiding further asbestos contact. It’s important to note that these cancers, though serious, remain relatively rare. Most individuals exposed to asbestos will not develop these diseases. Recognising this risk and actively managing it are the first steps toward ensuring your health and well-being.

Our Services Include:

  • Remote Consultations: Adapting to current health guidelines, we conduct our initial evaluations and follow-up appointments remotely. New participants will receive questionnaires by post and undergo phone interviews to ensure comprehensive care without the need for face-to-face appointments.
  • Community-Based Lung Function Tests: Lung function tests are performed in and around the community. We provide a request form, enabling participants to arrange tests at their convenience, with numerous locations available, including some country towns.
  • Ultra Low-Dose CT Scanning: Our use of cutting-edge, low-dose CT scans can detect lung abnormalities at their earliest stages, offering the best chance for effective treatment. These are carried out at ChestRad in Nedlands.
  • Blood Tests: Blood tests will be available at any Pathwest collection point.
  • Expert Care for Asbestos-Related Conditions: Our team’s extensive experience equips us to address a wide range of lung diseases caused by asbestos exposure, including if necessary an appointment with our specialist Prof Fraser Brims.

Eligibility for the ARP:

You may be eligible for our program if you:

  • Have been exposed to asbestos through work for more than 3 months full-time.
  • Have imaging evidence of asbestos exposure, such as pleural plaques.
  • Have worked or lived in the asbestos mining town of Wittenoom.

Your first appointment:

Firstly, we’ll send you the necessary health history forms and detailed instructions to start your assessment process. Initial paperwork is thorough, laying the foundation for your care. After this, annual updates are streamlined for efficiency.

Get in touch:

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 08 6457 2922 or arpadmin@uwa.edu.au.

The ARP Team

  • Prof Fraser Brims
  • A/Prof Peter Franklin
  • Lijuan Xiao
  • Lucy Conte
  • Deb English
  • Peter Cinquini
  • Nola Olsen