Professor Jenette Creaney



Professor Creaney is the Head of the Biomarkers and Discovery unit of NCARD. The group is investigating biomarkers for improved diagnosis and monitoring of patients with mesothelioma and also examining the use of biomarkers for screening asbestos-exposed individuals for early detection of mesothelioma.

Jenette received her PhD in 1995 from La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia), and has worked in the cancer and immunology fields as a molecular biologist and protein chemist since. Jenette returned to Australia from the US in 1999 to work with Professor Bruce Robinson in Perth, on principally the marker discovery projects. The work from the group includes the seminal work on the biomarker mesothelin for use in patients with mesothelioma.

Jenette has received several prestigious awards for her work in Science including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship and a Young Investigator Award.



  • PhD candidate Amber Louw was awarded a research scholarship from the icare NSW Dust Diseases Board
  • Best Poster Prize at the International Mesothelioma Conference, Ottawa, Canada, “Whole genome sequencing of malignant mesothelioma”.


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