Dr Nandini Makwana



Nandini completed her bachelor’s in microbiology and master’s in health science from the University of Pune, India. She began her career as a research assistant at the National Institute of Virology, India, which is recognised as a WHO Collaborating Center for arboviruses and hemorrhagic fever reference and research. She moved on to work at the National AIDS Research Institute for a couple of years, where she conducted research on anti-retroviral drugs. Nandini received her PhD degree in 2017 from the University of Western Australia; her research was to understand the effects of cytomegalovirus on immune cells in kidney transplant patients. She later worked as a research scientist on cancer immunotherapy for a private company, Selvax Pty Ltd. She joined NCARD in February 2019. Her research interest lies in identifying tumour neo-antigens and using them as personalised cancer vaccines.


  • Improving Mesothelioma Therapy by Boosting Immune Responses to Mutations by Vaccination and by Immunogenic Chemotherapy.  Funding body: USA, Department of Defense (DoD) PI: Prof. Bruce Robinson. Co-PIs Prof. Jenette Creaney and Associate Prof. Alec Redwood


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